You can tell a lot of London’s history by the names that surround you – be that pubs or streets – so get your etymology hat on and start searching!

London Etymology

  • Weird London Pub Names

    10 Weird London Pub Names With A Story Behind Them

    Along with Street Names, I always find that pubs have a canny way of hinting at London's past. Here's a selection of my favourite weird London pub names, each with an intriguing story behind them....

  • Whitechapel Road Bullock Running

    What Whitechapel Road and Pamplona Have in Common

    Pamplona isn't the only city with a history of bull running. Ok, you might not get much Whitechapel Road Bullock Running nowadays. But the history is there to be found!...

  • Weird London Street Names

    12 Weird London Street Names With A Story Behind Them

    Concerned by Hanging Sword Alley in EC4? Intrigued by Knightrider Street? Or tempted by Wardrobe Place? There are the best street names in the city and they each have a story to tell....

  • The Eleanor Cross of Charing Cross

    The Eleanor Cross of Charing Cross

    You’ve probably noticed the massive decorative monument outside Charing Cross Station, but do you know why it’s there? Digging into its history gives you a story of romance and the reason this area has its name....

  • Tyburn Tree Marble Arch

    Tyburn Tree: Hidden History at Marble Arch

    In the middle of a traffic island in Marble Arch lies a grisly bit of London's history. Have you heard about Tyburn Tree?...

  • Church Called St Andrew Undershaft

    Why Is This City Church Called St Andrew Undershaft?

    Ever paid attention to the names of London’s City Churches? Some of them seem a little odd to us now, but these names give us clues to their history......

  • kings stone kingston

    The King’s Stone of Kingston

    Little did I know, when I recently ventured to the distant realms of Kingston, that I was in store for an ancient quest. Sure, it wasn't quite Arthur pulling out Excalibur, but I did encounter the King's Stone of Kingston...

  • Trump Street London

    What’s the Story Behind Trump Street?

    In the City of London, one street name has been causing a lot of pointing and smirking recently…     But despite this street’s uncanny resemblance to the new US President elect, it actually dates from the early 18th century, before America even became an official country.  ......

  • Dirty Dicks

    What Makes ‘Dicks’ so Dirty?

    Usually getting a giggle from passersby, Dirty Dicks on Bishopsgate dates back to 1745 when it opened as ‘The Old Jerusalem’ and it was here that one of the most eccentric people in London’s history lived.     Nathaniel Bentley, a local dandy and businessman......

  • St James Park Grammar

    St James’s Park: A Grammar Lover’s Nightmare

    St James’s Park or St James’ Park? Or both? This may make your head spin... ...

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