I confess to being a proud urbanite, in fact the countryside makes me nervous. However, did you know that 47% of London is green space? We’re super lucky to have an array of parks and gardens to explore and these are some my favourites.

Gardens and Parks

  • Hampstead Pergola

    Hampstead Pergola: London’s Prettiest Garden?

    It turns out that Hampstead is rather lovely. Groundbreaking discovery, I know. But re-visiting this hidden garden cements it as London's prettiest....

  • St Ethelburga's Liverpool Street

    St Ethelburga’s: Centre of Peace in Liverpool Street

    Nestled amongst the towering skyscrapers of The City is St Ethelburga's a survivor of a church that is now a centre for peace in Liverpool Street....

  • St Pancras Old Churchyard

    Secrets of Old St Pancras Churchyard

    Behind the back of the station you'll find a charming green space with fascinating things to seek out. These are the secrets of St Pancras Old Churchyard...

  • Wood Street Tree

    The Story Behind The Wood Street Tree

    On the corner of Cheapside and Wood Street stands a lonely London plane tree. But this isn't any old tree, its become a symbol of The City and has witnessed dramatic London changes. Oh if those leaves could talk...

  • Unusual Gardens and Open Spaces in London

    10 Unusual Gardens and Open Spaces in London

    Often listed as one of the greenest cities in the world, London is blessed with 8 Royal Parks and surrounded by woodland. However, I've made a list of the more esoteric green places to visit in central London, spots with an interesting tale or simply in an unexpected place....

  • Visit The Garden Museum

    Why You Should Visit The Garden Museum

    Newly re-opened, this Museum isn't just for the green fingered. Located in the oldest structure in Lambeth, here's why you should visit the Garden Museum ...