Are you even a proper Londoner if you don’t like finding out geeky facts about Tube history? London Underground is the oldest underground rail network in the world and it’s got its fair share of geeky trivia. Lets dive in!

Tube History

  • London Necropolis Railway

    London Necropolis Railway: Trains For The Dead

    Pay special attention to this building in Waterloo, it hides a surprising secret. All terminate here....

  • Mail Rail

    What To Expect From The Mail Rail

    Ride a tiny train under central London. Not any train though, discover the Mail Rail! A secret tunnel network that carried 4 million letters every day......

  • History To Spot On The Underground

    6 Bits Of History To Spot On The Underground

    Londoners are very proud of their 150+ year old subterranean network. Sure, we can complain about it, but we love it really. The main reason I love the tube is the little quirks you find at every new station....

  • London Transport Museum Depot Open Weekend

    The 5 Geekiest Things I Found at the London Transport Museum Depot

    Can you even call yourself a tube geek if you haven’t visited the London Transport Museum Depot in Acton? I went along for their Open Weekend...

  • Tube Artworks

    9 Unusual Tube Artworks to Admire on Your Commute

    Your tube commute may not feel like a particularly inspiring time of the day, but there are gems to be found on the London Underground. Have you spotted any of these artworks?...

  • Eduardo Paolozzi Ventilation Shaft

    Eduardo Paolozzi: Ventilation Shaft Cover

    Eduardo Paolozzi is probably the most famous London artist you’ve never heard of.   He’s Scottish, born to Italian parents (It’s not exactly a traditional Scottish name) in Edinburgh and is considered one of the first Pop Artists.   Just walking around the city means you’ve......

  • Crossrail Tottenham Court Road

    Crossrail: Under Tottenham Court Road Station

    One of my personal highlights of Open House Weekend this year was a tour of Crossrail’s new Tottenham Court Road Station (see my other best bits here). The free tours sold out pretty much instantly, but if you missed out, never fear! I’m about to share the whole experience with......

  • Parkland Walk

    Parkland Walk: Walk Along An Abandoned Railway Line

    I discovered this gem when I took a delightful stroll (well, 4 mile walk) from Alexandra Palace to Finsbury Park, it’s known as the Parkland Walk, but it I like to think of it as London’s answer to New York’s High Line....

  • Down Street Station Tour

    In Pictures: Down Street Station Tour

    Most Londoners probably don't want to spend much time in damp, dark tunnels. You may be surprised, to learn that Hidden London's Disused Tube Station Tours sell out within minutes....

  • Faraday memorial Elephant and Castle

    The Faraday Memorial: Elephant and Castle

    You’ve probably passed this stainless steel mass in the centre of Elephant and Castle roundabout, I had always dismissed it as an electricity or London Underground substation or maybe a ventilation system. In fact,  it’s a bit more interesting than that… It’s actually a huge memorial......

  • St Pancras New Artwork

    St Pancras Has a (Very) Shiny New Artwork

    It’s not quite got to the level of the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, but the Terrace Wires at St Pancras International Station have become a formidable installation area for new artwork.     The latest sculpture to grace the space is by Ron Arad (a Royal......

  • 5 Typography Quirks That Only Tube Geeks Will Appreciate

    Last night I seriously geeked out at the London Transport Museum for a talk about Underground Lettering before 1933. The talk, given by design and typography lecturers Phil Baines and Catherine Dixon, featured the progression of lettering styles before Johnston’s famous sans serif was introduced.    ......

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