Oh West London, traditionally the fancy part of town with beautiful houses and the Royal connections, is there lots more to discover? Yes you can bet there is!

West London

  • Sotheby's Ancient Secret

    New Bond Street Sculpture: Sotheby’s Ancient Secret

    In a street full of luxury hides Sotheby's ancient secret. London's oldest privately owned sculpture, hiding in plain sight!...

  • Natural History Museum's Whale

    In Pictures: The Natural History Museum’s Whale

    Londoners were devastated when it was announced that Dippy (the plaster cast Diplodocus) was leaving London on a UK tour. However, his replacement has been turing a few heads and its sfae to say that the Natural History Museum's Whale is a good fit....

  • V&A Exhibition Road

    V&A Exhibition Road Quarter Opens

    It's the largest project for the museum since 1909, look at the V&A Exhibition Road entrance and stunning new gallery space....

  • Things to do in London

    10 Reasons Londoners Should Visit Parliament

    The oldest democracy in the world, based in a building with parts from the 11th century. If only those walls could talk. Thankfully, with the help of a Parliament guide they sort of do. Here's 10 things I learned from a guided tour of Parliament....

  • London Transport Museum Depot Open Weekend

    The 5 Geekiest Things I Found at the London Transport Museum Depot

    Can you even call yourself a tube geek if you haven’t visited the London Transport Museum Depot in Acton? I went along for their Open Weekend...

  • Tyburn Tree Marble Arch

    Tyburn Tree: Hidden History at Marble Arch

    In the middle of a traffic island in Marble Arch lies a grisly bit of London's history. Have you heard about Tyburn Tree?...

  • Cerith Wyn Evans Tate Britain

    Cerith Wyn Evans at Tate Britain

    The Tate Britain's Duveen Gallery is looking lovely at the moment, lit up with a light installation by Cerith Wyn Evans....

  • Black Sailor Nelson's Column

    The Black Sailor on Nelson’s Column

    At the base of Nelson's Column, a few steps from the official centre of London, is a sculpture of a black sailor from The Battle of Trafalgar that's hiding in plain sight....

  • London Secret Pet Cemetery

    London’s Secret Pet Cemetery

    London has an endless supply of trivia and quirky hidden gems, but do you know about the secret pet cemetery in Hyde Park?...

  • Leighton House Arab Hall

    Is This The Most Jaw-Dropping Room in London?

    Leighton House was built for the Victorian artist Lord Frederic Leighton in the mid 1860s and it contains one of the most exquisite hidden gems of London...

  • Visit Kensington Palace

    6 Reasons to Visit Kensington Palace

    I’ve mentioned this trend before, the fact that it’s rare for most Londoners to make the most of all the incredible, but ‘touristy’, offerings of the City.   Recently, I’ve been upping my tourist game, gradually ticking off iconic destinations because from 1 September I’m embarking......

  • Texas in St James's

    A Slice of Texas in St James’s

    Texas might feel a long way from London, but in St James's a slice of its history remains......

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