Crossness Pumping Station

Crossness Pumping Station: The Cathedral of Sewage

19th century London was a mess. The smelly, polluted and disorganised City just couldn’t reach an agreement about sewage. There were 8 conflicted independent commissioners in charge, who only cared about their own districts. But it did provide, in my opinion, London’s best-named public disaster…  The Great Stink   Summer...

Mad as a Hatter

Mad as a Hatter

Ever spotted the Mad Hatter pub and hotel along Stamford Street? Images of Alice at her wonderland tea party may spring to mind, but 'Mad as a Hatter' has a particular historical significance in SE1.Southwark was one of the industrial centres of London, a place where the...

London’s Only Lighthouse

Trinity Buoy Wharf Established in 1803 to house the Corporation of Trinity House, the wharf was used to store wooden buoys and sea marks as well as act as a mooring spot for the Trinity House Yacht. The iconic lighthouse (London's only remaining one) was built in 1836...

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