Kings Hiding On High Holborn

Next time you exit Holborn station, maybe as you’re waiting to cross High Holborn, look up.

You’ll spot two Kings, seated on thrones, staring down at you.

Kings Hiding On High Holborn

They’re pretty high up so you’ve got to really look for them…

Kings Hiding On High Holborn


They were put here on Kingsgate House (114 High Holborn, now a Byron Burger) in 1903. It makes sense that Edward VII would be featured as he’d recently been crowned King in January 1901.

Kings Hiding On High Holborn

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But there’s another King too; Edward I who reigned from 1272 to 1307.

Kings Hiding On High Holborn

Known as the ‘Hammer of the Scotts’, Edward I holds a hammer in his hand. He was admired for his courage as a warrior, crusader and the fact he helped establish parliament.

So it was a nice bit of flattery to draw a comparison between Edward I and the current King. But it doesn’t stop there, those familiar with portraits of Edward VII might also notice he’s looking rather more svelte than he’s usually shown.

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