COVID-19 has hugely affected the tourism and travel industry. However, all is not lost. I am committed to continue to share my love of London’s history with everyone, whether you’re a curious local or have never even stepped foot in England. So join me for a virtual London walking tour!

Following government advice – and taking necessary precautions – I began running live London walking tours online which you can watch for free below. These will be live on my instagram every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 2pm (GMT).


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Virtual London Walking Tours


In this video we explore Tower Hill, discovering beautiful hidden gardens and a 17th century Londoner who had his own way of coping with a City-wide panic.

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In this video we explore the hidden alleys, powerful landowners, quirky details and the surprising history of the West End!

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This video explores London’s naughtier side, like the Medieval sex industry, cheeky pub behaviour and – to restore the balance – inspiring female philanthropists!

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Guildhall & St Mary Aldermanbury

Discover two extraordinary public spaces in the City, including Roman ruins, a Saint that met a grisly end and a hidden park with a Shakespeare connection!

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Trafalgar Square

Think it’s just for tourists and you know everything about it? Think again! We’re on the hunt for some surprising hidden history in one of London’s tourist hotspots!

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Smithfield (Part I)

Discover hushed cloisters with some surprisingly gruesome history, oh and London’s oldest house!

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Smithfield (Part II)

Hear about the cruel behaviour of Kings and Queens, a Sherlock connection and a surprising hidden masterpiece!

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Bethnal Green

From tragedies to toys, in this episode we’re in East London uncovering the unusual history behind institutions!

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Mayfair (Part I)

We’re in swanky Mayfair for this virtual walking tour, but as well as the well-heeled aristocrats and royals there’s also scandalous courtesans!

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