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London's Weirdest Sculpture

London’s Weirdest Sculpture

Along Glaisher Street in Deptford, it's not easy to miss a collection of sculptures. First you see a naval figure. Well, we're in the Docklands, so that seems legit. But then you see he's got a teeny tiny head. Ok...

Spencer Hall Interview

Londoners to Look Up: Spencer Hall

London is full of incredible people doing interesting things. In the first of my new series; investigating interesting Londoners, I interview Spencer Hall ACR (that's Accredited Conservator-Restorer) who is the Head of Conservation at PAYE.         What made you decide to go into Conservation? My father was an architect who trained in...

Best London Marathon Spots

The 10 Best London Marathon Spots

Whether you're running the 26.2 miles or just cheering someone on, here are ten (of many!) things you can spot along the route with some historical interest (and - if you're running - take your mind off your long-lost toenails).     1. Our Lady of Grace Parish House...

Endangered 13

Endangered 13

On Sunday 10 April, 13 artists took on a 120 metre stretch of railway arches in Tower Hamlets, creating a project called Endangered 13.   The project, organised by Human Nature and Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery, aiming to raise awareness of endangered species. This is emphasised by the line written above some...

We Knit Waterloo

Brightening up the trees in Emma Cons Gardens in Waterloo are the knitted wares of 'We Knit Waterloo', a project designed to link the historic streets of Lower Marsh and The Cut. The Cut, or 'New Cut' as it was called in 1849, was the commercial heart...

The People's Palace

The People’s Palace

Even a determined Londoner can often be guilty of not visiting the great landmarks on our doorstep (if 'doorstep' as a loose term for zones 1-6). So it was with this slight burden of guilt that last week I decided I needed to make the trip to Alexandra Palace...

The Clink Bollards

The Liberty of the Clink was an area of London which was exempt for The City's jurisdiction, meaning it was fertile ground for prostitution, animal baiting and *gasp* theatre.   Taking a closer look at the bollards in the Southwark area, you might spot the words; 'CLINK...