Abandoned London Book

It seems strange that in a city as busy, expensive and popular as London that there’s such things as wasted space. In my book, Abandoned London, experience these awe-inspiring ruins, humble former shops and pubs as well as factories and offices that have been left to rot.

This beautiful coffee table books examines the hidden spaces and derelict wonders of London.

Abandoned London Book

Abandoned London was released on 14 May.

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Arranged thematically from transport to industry, residential to commercial, these entries cover both the modern city and the historical metropolis, from hidden reservoirs to deserted tram stations, from bombed-out churches and forgotten factories to ice wells and eerie docklands.

With 200 outstanding colour photographs and fascinating captions, Abandoned London is a brilliant pictorial exploration of lost worlds.

Look Up London Tote Bag

  • Canvas Tote Bag
  • 100% cotton tote bag, printed in the UK.
  • Size; 42cm high x 38cm wide with a 10cm gusset.
  • Thick material, strong and durable.

Post & packaging included;

  • £12.99 UK
  • £16.99 Europe
  • £18.99 Worldwide