Shoreditch Commercial Ironworks

If you look up above the shop front on Shoreditch High Street (or for a better view, cross the road) you’ll spot lettering indicating this used to be the Wells & Company Commercial Ironworks.
Shoreditch Commercial Ironworks
Built in 1877 this was the showroom, shop and factory of Edward Wells who ran a wholesale ironmongers making stoves, ranges, guttering and pipes, but also decorative accessories for the furniture trade.
The architects were Fowler & Hill who constructed the building in an eclectic design with a mix of gothic and Moorish inspirations, There’s some lovely detail of tiled patterns. Not so lovely is the ‘subtle’ addition of a modern window, cutting out the ‘o’ and ‘r’ of works!
Wells & Co. weren’t here that long and left this location in 1895. It’s unclear whether they went on to form the bank that replaced it, now the lettering is the only reminder on an ever-changing London high street.
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