The Stained Glass Windows of Two Temple Place

You may remember that I’ve previously mentioned the unique cherubs outside Two Temple Place (see more here.)

Temple Place Cherub


But this time I’d like to invite you inside…


Ceiling Two Temple Place


Built in 1892 with, no expense spared, the interior is sumptuous.

But what really blew me away was upstairs…

Either side of the Great hall are two stained glass windows from 1895, it’s quite unusual for such large-scale windows to be at eye level but it means we can get a close look at the pictorial scenes.

Stained Glass Two Temple Place

A Swiss Summer Landscape (East window)

Photo 16-03-2016, 14 34 53

An Alpine Landscape (West window)


Known as Sunrise and Sunset, the East end (Sunrise, naturally) shows a Swiss landscape, you may be able to spot the Switzerland flag (above the ships in the bottom right corner). The West (sunset) scene is less easy to place geographically, but it’s thought it may represent the Italian Alps


Both were designed by Clayton and Bell, also unusual as they are the only landscape scenes they were ever commissioned to create.

Clayton and Bell was the most prolific workshop for stained glass in the late 19th century, founded in 1855 and capitalising on the popularity of stained glass, they were known for their use of brilliant, luminous colours.


Two Temple Place is usually closed to the public, but during it’s annual exhibitions, you can visit for free!
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  • Alison


    Thank you, Katie, for the great post. I fell in love with Two Temple Place on my first visit there in 2011, and have since returned several times. I love the building so much I go even when I’m not particularly interested in whatever exhibition is on. I have wondered about the stained glass windows, and am so pleased you featured them. I would never have seen the Swiss flag if you hadn’t pointed it out!

    March 30, 2016 at 2:31 pm
  • Michael France


    Is there a record of the designer’s name?

    February 18, 2019 at 9:27 pm

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