The Borough Market Bell

“Ordered that the clerk of the market do ring or cause to be rung the market bell every morning at nine of the clock and that notice be given to the hall porters that they do not set out their stalls or stands till the bell be done ringing”

This is one of the rules drawn up by the newly formed Committee of the Market at the Three Tun Tavern, Borough. 26 April 1757 

Have you also ever noticed this amazing board? It sets out the rates for traders in the market. Unfortunately I couldn’t spot a date, but by the looks of the currency used, it’s pretty darn old!

There’s been a food market at Borough for as long as there’s been a London Bridge. Raucous, bustling medieval traders would gather at the foot of the bridge along with livestock barely under control. With the expansion of London the market was moved from the thoroughfare and to a site known as the Triangle, founded in 1756. Borough Market has been growing and evolving on the spot ever since.

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