The Seven Noses Of Soho

Have you heard the legend of the Seven Noses of Soho?


The story goes that to find them all brings infinite wealth, but I’m not holding my breath.


Here’s what I discovered snooping around Soho…


Seven Noses Soho

The Dean Street Nose




You may have come across a particularly great London urban myth, that a spare nose for the Nelson’s Column statue is kept under admiralty arch? Even better that when soldiers are walking through, each one is compelled to give it a tweak for good luck?


Seven Noses Soho

‘Nelson’s’ Nose on Admiralty Arch


The nose appeared in 1997 without notice or apparent meaning and this story developed around it. But it wasn’t the only one. In the same year over 30 noses were fixed onto landmarks and in public places, most spotted and removed straight away, but some left for us to ponder.


Seven Noses Soho

The Great Windmill Street Nose


Today there’s thought to be seven noses left in Soho, at; Admiralty Arch, Bateman Street, Dean Street, Meard Street, Endell Street, Great Windmill Street and D’Arbly Street.


Some are pretty easy to find, particularly the huge one on Meard Street, which is so oversized that many dismiss it as not one of the ‘original’ noses.


Seven Noses Soho

The oversized Meard Street Nose


One claim is that it’s from a social awareness project from 2005 named ‘Living Streets’, but I couldn’t find much more information.


While you’re on Meard Street it’s worth seeking out this sign too…


Seven Soho Noses

7 Meard Street


The house was owned by the artist Sebastian Horseley who often wrote about his dysfunctional family, drug addiction and his reliance on prostitutes.




There’s also a curious case of the ‘fake’ nose on D’Arbly Street. I couldn’t decide whether it’s a nose or a bent nail, what do you reckon?


Seven Noses Soho

The ‘False’ Nose of D’Arbly Street


So, what’s the real story?

In 2011 the truth about the Soho Noses was revealed.

An artist called Rick Buckley was ‘unmasked’ by the Evening Standard and claimed he installed them as a snub against CCTV spying culture in London, seeing it as an infringement of liberty. Mostly though, he just wanted to see if he could get away with glueing 35 noses across London.


Turns out it’s pretty easy.


“I wanted to see if I could get away with it without being detected. The afterthought was that it would be great if these protrusions would become part of the structure themselves.”  – Rick Buckley


Does his nose look familiar?


Seven Noses Soho

Artist Rick Buckley by Nigel Howard from the Evening Standard.


Buckley claims there’s still around 10 scattered across central London, one apparently affixed to the side of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, whether it’s still there I’m not sure, but I can definitely confirm the seven in Soho…


Seven Noses Soho

The Bateman Street Nose



The Walls Have Ears


Not content with simply having secret noses across London, Illustrator Tim Fishlock decided to embark on his own street art project, casting his own ear and glueing them around Covent Garden.


Two can be found on Floral Street but Tim claims there’s far more across London.


Seven Noses Soho

A Floral Street Ear

Seven Noses Soho

The worse for wear “Van Gogh” Floral Street Ear


Inspired to get searching across Soho? Granted, you will get some odd looks as you comb the streets in search of noses but all of them are at the 6ft mark and you can bask in the warmth of discovering a hidden gem of London…

Good luck!


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