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Not critical reviews as such, but here are my latest blogs on temporary (and permanent) London attractions and exhibitions, click on one of the pictures below for inspiration and all the info you’ll need to explore what’s on!

  • Natural History Museum's Whale

    In Pictures: The Natural History Museum’s Whale

    Londoners were devastated when it was announced that Dippy (the plaster cast Diplodocus) was leaving London on a UK tour. However, his replacement has been turing a few heads and its sfae to say that the Natural History Museum's Whale is a good fit. ...

  • Unusual Gardens and Open Spaces in London

    10 Unusual Gardens and Open Spaces in London

    Often listed as one of the greenest cities in the world, London is blessed with 8 Royal Parks and surrounded by woodland. However, I've made a list of the more esoteric green places to visit in central London, spots with an interesting tale or simply in an unexpected place. ...

  • V&A Exhibition Road

    V&A Exhibition Road Quarter Opens

    It's the largest project for the museum since 1909, look at the V&A Exhibition Road entrance and stunning new gallery space. ...

  • RA Summer Exhibition 2017 Highlights

    RA Summer Exhibition 2017 Highlights

    The sun has finally graced London with its presence, happily coinciding with another firm tradition of the season; the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition. After visiting the 249th (!) instalment of London's annual ritual, here's a few of the RA Summer Exhibition 2017 highlights. ...

  • Visit The Garden Museum

    Why You Should Visit The Garden Museum

    Newly re-opened, this Museum isn't just for the green fingered. Located in the oldest structure in Lambeth, here's why you should visit the Garden Museum ...

  • London Transport Museum Depot Open Weekend

    The 5 Geekiest Things I Found at the London Transport Museum Depot

    Can you even call yourself a tube geek if you haven’t visited the London Transport Museum Depot in Acton? I went along for their Open Weekend ...

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