What’s the Story Behind Trump Street?

In the City of London, one street name has been causing a lot of pointing and smirking recently…


Trump Street


But despite this street’s uncanny resemblance to the new US President elect, it actually dates from the early 18th century, before America even became an official country.


So what’s the story?


It sits just off Cheapside, the market centre of Medieval London, which is littered with street names hinting at their historic function; Milk Street (for dairy products), Poultry (for buying chickens), Bread Street (you get the idea) and – just to catch you out – Cannon Street, which was originally Candlewick Street and the home of candle makers, not canons.


So it makes sense that ‘Trump’ has something to do with a trade.


Trump Street

The first record of Trump Street is mentioned on this map of London by Rocque dating from 1746


More solid information comes from HT Riley’s 1868 work; ‘Memorials of London and London Life in 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries’


Riley talks about a Mr William Trompeor (a trumpet-maker) and saysThe persons who followed this trade mostly lived, in all probability, in Trump Street … near the Guildhall.” 


He also says the trumpets were usually made for the nearby watchmen, who guarded the City and who might need to sound the alarm for intruders trying to breach the *ahem* large City of London walls.


Later historians seem to agree with Trump Street being the home of Trumpet makers; Pevsner’s City of London Architectural Guide (published 1997) also notes an inn called ‘The Trumpeter’ used to stand on Lawrence Lane which “is thought to be commemorated in the post-fire Trump Street.”

So there you have it. *Insert joke about Trump and blowing lots of hot air here*


It gets weirder…


To really hammer home that truth is stranger than fiction, Trump Street leads onto Russia Row. We’re not actually sure why it’s called that but I’m sure Putin – if he is in fact physically capable of cracking a smile – would be pleased as punch.


Who works here?


So what fate awaits the Street now it bears POTUS’ name? Residents don’t seem too happy, Jermaine Olason has worked on the street for 4 years and isn’t proud of the name; “It’s a bit embarrassing really.” While Omar, a local IT technician, had a more worrying idea; “He’s rich enough to build a hotel here on Trump Street. He’s got the money to do it, he could come over here and say ‘I want that building right there, it’s going to be a hotel’.”


Watch this space…

Find Trump Street here.




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