Sinful Seven Dials

Enter the notorious rookery of Seven Dials, an historic hub of violence, crime and home to all manner of sinful behaviour.

On this tour we’ll walk the now-beautiful streets of Seven Dials and Covent Garden but reveal its ugly underbelly and the local residents who couldn’t resist the lure of lust, gluttony and other vices.

But it wasn’t all bad! Who were the do-gooders? The ones who championed the downtrodden? And we’ll here about the character on the fringes of 18th century society who challenged societal norms of sex, gender and class.


The walk starts and ends by Tottenham Court Road Station. The exact meeting point is on the corner of Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road, opposite the Flying Horse pub. The walk last around 90 minutes and ends back at Tottenham Court Road

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ” New Insights in Familiar places – We took a tour with Katie 2.0 who was delightful. We walked around Covent Garden – an area I have worked in when I lived in London. Despite this I learned A LOT. It was educational, informative and entertaining. Will definitely be booking again.” – Tripadvisor Review, October 2021

Sinful Seven Dials Walking Tour

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