Southwark’s Saucy Secrets

Southwark Saucy Secrets walking tour
Southwark Saucy Secrets walking tour


With its strong connections to the brewing industry, Shakespeare and Chaucer, Southwark has a raucous history and was always the place Londoners went for a good (if immoral) time.

It was outside the City of London jurisdiction which meant it was the go-to-place for alehouses, taverns, theatre, ‘stews’ (brothels) or watching a bit of bear-baiting.

During the 90 minute tour you’ll discover the real history in a place littered with tourist attractions and hear the incredible (true) stories of Londoners and visitors that made Southwark their home. We’ll spot some of the remaining Medieval and Elizabethan relics that are hidden in plain sight as well as tales of sex, secrecy and scandal.


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