The Spirit of Spitalfields

Spirit of Spitalfields Walking Tour

Full of contrasts and known as the “cradle of migration”, Spitalfields is place of constant change with an ancient history. Placed on the fringe of the encroaching City we will discover the past, present and future of this bustling area of London.


The walk starts on Brushfield Street by the Mr Coffee Cart. It lasts around 90 minutes and finishes near Aldgate East station


You’ll see the human story of Spitalfields, exploring what life was like for residents through the ages, why there’s a street called Frying Pan Alley and walking the routes of Jack the Ripper’s victims.


Starting near Liverpool Street Station, this won’t just focus on poverty and crime of the area, this walk will highlight the perseverance and truly uplifting spirit of the East End.

Spirit of Spitalfields Walking Tour